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The Bourne Trilogy \ 12.2008

Identity. Supremacy. Ultimatum.

The Bourne Series
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Jason Bourne | Identity, Supremacy, Ultimatum

Here is a community dedicated to the films and books that revolve around Jason Bourne. Join us and see what travels between fans and admirers alike. Whether it be the books or the movies, we like Jason Bourne and we like the Bourne series.

A few points to keep in mind:

+ Let's hear everything you've got. This community is open to just about ANYTHING that revolves around Jason Bourne so long as you keep on topic. And if what you're posting has some form of explicit content, you'd be polite enough to put it under a cut and behind a warning, right? I hope so!

+ Please use the lj-cut on any image/video you decide to post. This makes everything less confusing and more organized. Plus, users won't have to put up with slower loading times.

+ Promoting is allowed here but it has to be relevant to the Bourne series. Leave all of the promoting under an lj-cut if you can too.

+ Give credit where the credit is due. If you like something you see and decide to take it, credit that person's work! Everyone appreciates it in the end. It's as simple as that.

+ For community consideration, please don't be negative or derogatory. That's all I ask of you. And if you happen to stumble across something that you feel doesn't compliment this community, please report the issue to me asap.

Note: If you deactivate your user account and have decided to quit LiveJournal, you will most likely be removed from the members list. If you're going on a brief hiatus and would like to keep your membership, let me know so that I can keep it in mind.

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+ If you'd like to be listed as an affiliate, feel free to send me an e-mail.

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Jason and Marie are love.
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